KO architects is a practice and collaboration between Kamala and Olivia Ramos, a mother daughter team with over 40 years of design, construction, BIM, and financial analysis experience combined.  The hybrid of their talents produces artistic and feasible concepts tailored to the urban landscape.


Their process is unique to the world of architecture. From the concept phases of the project, Kamala and Olivia combine the most advanced modeling software (Revit) with financial ProFormas. Efficiency in production, permitting, and construction, is exponentially maximized as the project develops.


Kamala was born in New York City and graduated from the School of Architecture of the Instituto Superior Politecnico Jose Antonio Echevarria in Havana, Cuba. Since returning to the United States in 1993, she has developed construction documentation for over fifteen international commercial projects of extensive complexity. These projects include: the American Airlines Terminal in John F. Kennedy airport in New York, the Ezeiza Penitentiary Complex in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Calgary Courthouse in Alberta, Canada, and the Dorado Beach Resort in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico.


Olivia was born in Havana, Cuba and graduated with a Masters of Architecture from Columbia University’s School of Architecture in New York City. Olivia also has a Masters of Real Estate Development and Urbanism degree from the University of Miami. More recently, she participated as a Data Architect in the Defense Advanced Research Project’s Agency’s (DARPA) Innovation House, for the United States Department of Defense. And was a graduate level professor of design and finance at the Florida International University School of Architecture.


The level of rigor, expertise, and critical exchange between Kamala and Olivia is advanced compared to most conventional architecture firms. Their work is unique in the fusion of design and financial analysis as well as construction expertise and artistic intuition.


This website is KO architect’s platform for clients to follow their project’s progress.


For more information please contact info@koarchitects.com